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January 15, 2011
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Katitrina: The First Change by Kyra-Odayashi Katitrina: The First Change by Kyra-Odayashi
Alternate title: Procrastination is Inspiration

Not sure why, but this old character of mine has been floating aorund in my head for a while now. I've only ever drawn her once before back in 2008 ([link])

Anyway, so this is Katitrina Moody, my old werewolf RP character. I've been playing with her desgin in my head and figured I really like Kelley Armstrong's werewolf species in her books. I just can't figure how the transformation could not be painful (at least for the first few times). After all, they do go from human to complete wolf...bones have to be reshaped, muscles moved, etc.
So as the title implies, this is Kat's first transformation at around the age of 14. And she's supposed to be crying, but I don't think that really shows...

I'll probably wake up tomorrow, find a bunch of errors, hate it, and then scrap it...
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something-wild Mar 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i feel exactly the same bout tf it would really hurt
Quote: "I'll probably wake up tomorrow, find a bunch of errors, hate it, and then scrap it..."

*winks and grins* that's how it works, doncha know ;)
But thats okay. It might not be the most pleasant feeling, but finding errors in your latest stuff, then tweaking em, is how you improve.

Besides, didn't you just say more or less that change is painful? I suppose, the best you can hope for, is that the transformation makes you stronger;)

And ya, I didn't realize she was crying until I read as such in your comment. I can see the tears now, and think you got the right idea of how they are to be slight and subtle, but I *think* making them a bit more prominent will fix it up... I think its right on the cusp of being ideal.

Aaanyway, I just stumbled across this pic while doing the old ritual of seeing what others favorited who favorited my work: it tends to lead to ideas now and then, and let me know exactly why folks are looking at my stuff. You do good work. keep it up :)
Thanks for the comment and the *awesome* review. I rarely get long comments. :)
I'll probably go back and fix things eventually, or sketch up a new one. I hope to have the story behind this up first though and use this as a preview image.

Thanks so much :D
Not a problem at all;) Actually, its a curse of mine that I can't make a succinct comment to save my life. But its usually a good thing, not a bad one, since I can give more detail about the things I like (or dislike, if something strikes me odd enough to complain about it).

I wish you much luck on your redo:)
Voracious-Wolf Jan 16, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
That looks painful o.o
Hmm, well going form human to wolf sounds painful >.<
And thanks...I meant it to look kinda painful :)
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